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Specialist and Equine Bailiffs Ltd also provide other enforcement services inc

Eviction of Trespassers, travellers and gypsies and Squatters

This can be done under Common Law and Magistrate or High Court action. Common law eviction is the usual method whereby notice is served giving the trespassers notice to leave. If this is not complied with, a team of bailiffs can be sent to evict them from the site.

Fly Traders

Fly traders on your car park or site can course damage to your reputation as well as being a nuisance. Our team has years of practical experience in dealing with this type of incursion.

Removal abandoned vehicles

Vehicles with or without advertising are often abandoned in prominent places on clients’ sites, forecourts or car parks we can deal with this problem quickly for you.

Peaceful Repossession of Commercial Premises

Forfeiture of lease is the possession of commercial property. It is a very effective way to get your property back or get a tenant to pay.

Most commercial leases contain a forfeiture clause allowing the landlord to forfeit the lease if the tenant breaks certain conditions, usually including the rent being overdue for a specific period of time.

Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR)

As a commercial landlord, even under the new bailiff regulations, you still hold a special creditor’s privilege that no other type of creditor has.

This is to use Certificated Enforcement Agents to use a schedule 12 procedure  on your behalf for commercial rent arrears without the need to go to a court.

Enforcement of High Court writs via our approved authorised High Court Enforcement Officer

If your CCJ is for £600 or more, then the best option is to enforce your judgment via  High Court Enforcement agents (formally called bailiffs).

The procedure for transferring your County Court Judgment (CCJ), or Tribunal Award, from the County Court to the High Court is straightforward. We complete this for you free of charge. You only pay the court fee.

We work with a panel of authorised High Court Enforcement Officers and place the matter with one of these to ensure the best chance of success in enforcing your judgment.

Direct Enforcement of Action under Town and Country Planning Act

Local planning authorities have specific powers to deal with: illegal hoardings; fly-posting; graffiti; and unauthorised advertisements alongside highways. We have the necessary experience in dealing with the removal of structures.