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Fly Grazing – The Problem

Fly grazing has become a large problem in most areas of the country with horses tethered up on roadsides and industrial estates getting loose and causing accidents. Horses are also being dumped on private and public land.Figures have been in the media to suggest there are around 3500 horses regularly fly grazing and some local authorities have spent up £100,000 over a 12 month period addressing the issue.

In most areas, the local authorities parks and estates have become more of a no-go area for these people as many local authorities enforce a zero tolerance policy on fly grazing. This has however caused the fly grazing to spread out into the country on farmers’ fields and into industrial areas and estates adding pressure on business.

Most of the horse charities were busy before the act and now they are full to bursting point. It gets harder each day to find places for seized horses.

Fly Grazing – The Solution

The Control of Horses Act 2015 gives Local authorities and Landowners the power to instruct bailiffs to detain horses who are on their land without lawful authority.

The landowner’s bailiff must report the detention to the local Police and the owner of the horse if known, as per under section 7C of the Animals Act within 24 hours.

The Owners of the offending horses have 96 hours (4 days) not including a Saturday, Sunday or a bank holiday to claim their horses. They must then pay the costs of detention and transport before they can get them back. If they do not pay, the horses can be disposed of straight away by humane destruction, sale or given to charity.