Do you have unauthorised horses grazing on your land? As specialist…

Horse Bailiffs

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The Animal & Horse Bailiffs

Our Directors have over 40 years of experience as animal and horse bailiffs, dealing with the removal of fly grazing or abandoned animals from land. Our experienced team can deal with all the issues for you. Typically, where a client has an issue with abandoned animals the process starts with a request for a quote If agreed there will be a site visit by our highly trained, specialist horse bailiffs, where we will usually:

  1. Serve the required 96 hour notices.
  2. Conduct a full Health & Safety risk assessment – check the horses have adequate food and water.
  3. Detain the horses on site or, if instructed, remove to a safe location.
  4. Inform relevant authorities.
  5. Photograph horses and notices in place.
  6. Our bailiffs will then deal with any telephone calls that come as a result of the notices.
  7. If the horses have not been removed after the statutory time limit, the ownership of the horses reverts to the landowner.
  8. The landlord may then instruct us further and we will arrange for the horses to be removed from site to either a new owner, livery storage, given to a horse charity or in some cases, to be humanely destroyed.